Captain Sparky

by Captain Sparky

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Recorded at The Burrow, Halifax, NS April 2013.


released May 25, 2013

J Nix - Vocals, Harmonica
Rodeo - Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica
Devon - Violin
Beyon - Banjo



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Captain Sparky Halifax, Nova Scotia

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"A love child born of Tennessee Ernie Ford and Courtney Love and raised by Dolly Parton and Sid Vicious"

"If screamo met folk punk and hopped a train. Drunk."
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Track Name: Another Song About Never Going Home
We follow the tracks in the snow,
Past drained out forties and discarded clothes.
Tried to step in you prints but my boots didn't fit,
Sometimes I still pretend that I know how to swim.

And from a rusted steel cage, under twisting concrete,
Montreal depaneurs and water soaking my feet,
On a busted freight train never made it back home,
No fucking train ever got me home.

All the actions that we take,
All the best attempts at making change,
They were never poor excuses for a drive at good intentions,
It was everything we could try to make,
It was everything we could do to change.

So I'll tear down your community,
I'll tear down all your friends,
If you really think that will make us better in the end.

Side sixty miles outside of town,
Climb on a fifty three and head back north bound,
Watch the light glow slowly start to fade,
It's a lack of unity pushing everyone away.
Track Name: A Song For Sad Friends
I saw the dust clouds in your eyes,
While we stood on pillars ten feet high.
And I watched the flesh fall off your knife,
While you fly the storm just like a kite.

But these days you just ebb and sway,
Like our old city filled with cranes.

And I held you up above the sky,
So you could tell me what it was like,
And I held you up above the sky,
But you still tell me it's just night.

And now you walk around so desperately,
A shallow reflection of what you used to be,
You're becoming these streets,
Twenty odd years of facing defeat.

Well when I'm older I swear,
I will never grow grey hair,
And when I'm older I swear,
Nothing will be unfair,
And when I'm older I swear,
My wings will take me everywhere,
And when I'm older I swear,
I will take you with me.

Because that's what friends do.
Track Name: To Myspace, Mississippi, And One Less Fear!
I listened to your album on repeat last night,
Just like yesterday after that silly fight,
And it's weird how connected I feel to you sometimes,
Even though I barely know you, well I wish that I did!

And I want to write you a letter, say promise me some day,
We'll meet each other outside of myspace,
And in person we'll laugh and be silly or cry,
Or drink, if that's what you think!

And in some empty eerie sleepy campground,
In southern mississippi,
The air is so thick of humidity,
And even though it's midnight it's still so hot!

And I can't remember the last cold day,
It's been over a month since I've worn my hoodie,
And that was in pei,
Man, how time flies!

Well everything's shaky and hard at best,
But maybe tomorrow we can look our best,
And drive to new orleans or maybe las vegas,
Pretend that we're flying there in an outer space ship!

Well why did you change, or why did I,
Because nothing is better,
Same shit different pile.

Well I'm sorry.

I fucked up!

But I will try...

With my best luck!
Track Name: Some Things We Best Forget
I've started to erase this last year.
Replacing everything I came to fear.
But my head's still trapped inside your sheets.
More and more I think that I killed me.

Growing up under florescent hallways,
Brother lied under hospital tray,
Now I call this place my second home,
Some fears die - others grow.

And I would take his hand and go to the river,
Crisp ice on eyes just made me stronger,
I'd do all his drugs to make it go away,
I still drink. I drink it all away.

Sitting in parking lots, watching stars rise,
Sitting in parking lots, I'll never feel right,
Riding my bike until my face feels numb,
I can't remember the last time these hands were mine,
I fucking hate everything I've become.

Maybe I'm older, but I'm not wiser,
I still feel just as blinded.

And I drove your car alone myself that night,
The heat didn't work - skidded over black ice,
And you walked me home, stumble drunk again,
To a dream that you had that I didn't fit in.

And I swear I tried as best as I could,
To fix broken bridges and make better on good,
I'd follow you, you know that's just me,
It's not what I want but it's how I breath.

Maybe I'm older, but I'm not wiser,
I still feel just as blinded.
Track Name: Poolhall Champions
With my hands in your hands, we're just cold hands in mittens,
You're freight trains and freeways and I'm burnt out ignition.
Our whisky and coffee and late night offerings,
These stencils and craft glue won't see us through.

Nothing but closed doors I drink my way through,
Counting regrets in empty cans and cigarettes,
With passion of a powder keg, and manipulative segues,
You sold your dreams for abusive extremes.

On cardstock outside my broken bedroom door,
I wrote that I tried and wish there was more,
But time is nothing but what we make of it
You chip it away counting all the ways I waste it.

What will we do, when all our plans fall through?

Well I'll keep swimming for you.

I'm sinking this ship, they told me that its true
I'll still try my best despite crash lines and empty words,
I'm taking on water faster than the air,
We're all taking on water faster than the air.
Track Name: This Ship (Will Never Sink)
Blood loss has been bringing me down,
And I can't go home after I burnt it all down.

Swimming all day, and into the summer,
You said it'd be better off if I just drown,
I haven't been home in such a long time,
Woke up today, realized I was already there.

Growing up so distant to reality,
Did it ever give a fuck about me,
Under the smog of the refineries,
That's where you were supposed to be.

All the late nights you're counting hours,
And in the morning you still feel undone,
You put your dreams in an hour glass,
But they won't stand still while the sand rolls past.

Hold tight memories. Embrace the fear.
Don't cling to pictures that were never there.
And if there's one thing I could ever say,
It's that I hope that you will be okay.

For every wall that was torn down,
We can build it stronger on our own,
For every misfire, we will hit twice,
Because we were never in this alone.